Charleville Grind Centre was founded in 2013 to offer Leaving Certificate grinds in a number of subjects to students in the Charleville area.  Dominick Donnelly was one of the co-founders, and currently offers grinds in Leaving Certificate Higher Level Mathematics  on a Monday evening in Charleville.

 In general the Higher Level Mathematics class is a grind to support the work done by the students in their own schools.  In each class excellent notes with clear worked examples are covered, and during the school year the complete Leaving Certificate Higher Level course is covered.  The classes are limited in size, and are extremely focused to maximize the potential of the students in the Leaving Certificate examination.  Dominick has an excellent track record, with a history of very good results.

Charleville Grinds Centre takes place in the e-Charleville Enterprise Centre on Baker's Road in Charleville, Co. Cork. If you are interested in finding out more please contact Dominick on (087)121 0783 or email:  


Dominick also teaches a class in Applied Maths (primarily as an extra subject) on a Thursday evening in McGinn Tuition Centre in Ballincollig, Co. Cork.  The class is generally for students who do not do the subject in their own schools, though it would also benefit students who do study the subject in school, but need some extra help.  Over the two years of the course students are prepared thoroughly for the Leaving Certificate examination, and the results obtained by Dominick's students are excellent.